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About who we are

About who we are

The mission

InAgroFalisco is a territorial brand conceived with the purpose of promoting the district of the Agro Falisco by means of a sustainable program, that is to seek, preserve and develop one’s own identity in a globalized world context.


The vision

We have faith that many of these micro geographical areas, defined as they are by those distinctive features they share, will soon stand for models of great differentiating impact upon the market of the near future.

To focus on this territorial vocation and discern its distinctive peculiarities, ensuring its efficient positioning, is only one of our many objectives.

We intend to enhance the value of this district as it is perceived by those who inhabit it, by innovating the present cultural model.

We intend to establish relationships with both the operators and stakeholders, with a view to encouraging shared development and fostering entrepreneurship.

We intend to offer an experiential concept, providing tourists and visitors with a key to interpretation, leading the way to discovering this territory, which offers so much in so little space.


The project

What we offer is a marketing and communication project which includes: new experiences, small towns, monuments, scheduling of events, hotels, catering and manufacturing firms, all presented in a highly visible and competitive tourism web portal. Social media channels, addressed to an active and empathic audience, are also central to the organization of events, as well as those promoted by and in partnership with third parties.

For the sake of a well-coordinated Agro Falisco, longing to convey its value, and ready to establish its own identity.

“The most significant factor of permutation concerning tourism in the new millennium, is determined by the advent of a new paradigm, acting as an instrument for the “construction of identity” for both the individual and consumer.”
Andrea Pollarini



When visiting our website, you will often encounter Amerina, an avatar with the features of a Faliscan woman, conceived for the purpose of welcoming the visitor of inAgroFalisco, a figure thought of as half-way between customer care and storytelling. She has been named after the ancient Via Amerina, a historical road axis crossing through the territory.

The illustration is by the hand of the Spanish cartoonist Alberto Madrigal, also the author of two books, Un lavoro vero and Va tutto bene, released by the Milanese comic-book publishing house, Bao Publishing.



Thanks to: Federica Nelli, Sergio Mancini, Luca Cristofanelli, Gaia Corinaldesi and Ermanno Giordani for the pictures.

To Bruno Sisti for the homepage video.

To the etruscologist and tourist guide Silvia Menichelli for the consultancy.

To Gianluca Cerri and Giorgio Felini for the advice, documentation and availability.


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